How to Get Through an MRI

Having a phobia about machines does not make you weak. You are already scared about getting bad test results, but going into an MRI machine makes you nervous as well. Whether you are getting a hitachi mri in New Jersey or some other MRI, you can follow these tips to have a good experience.

1. Get a MRI from the Right Place

Ask your doctor if they can refer you to MRI centers in your area that have MRI machine that are open and used (but cleaned) for other patients. Look for MRI centers that use newer machines, too. MRI scan devices are expensive, so many MRI facilities use old equipment.

A cheap MRI is not worth it when you decide to do your own research about MRI safety precautions and how safe these tests are. Do not lie on the MRI table with metal fillings in your teeth or other body parts where magnetic material has been implanted inside of you because it will be damaged by the test. Ask if there is an alternative way to get another MRI later that won’t damage this implant before going into the MRI.

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2. MRI Prep Checklist

If you have an MRI coming up soon, here are some things to do before going in for your MRI:

Tell someone you trust where MRI centers are located, and when you will be at a specific center for your test. Ask that person to wait at least two hours after your MRI appointment was scheduled before calling the MRI center to check that everything went fine for you.

3. Use Medication That Will Calm You Down

Many people find that if they take sedation medication before their MRI, they feel much better during the test than if they hadn’t taken anything at all! Some MRI centers also offer sedative infusions as well – meaning that someone will give you a shot of medication.